student sexism

A survey of students at the University of Melbourne has uncovered a shocking trend of sexism in the Physics department. In
A university's student union has been forced to apologise after it used a picture of a lonely, vulnerable-looking girl to
This is a letter to freshers everywhere. Don't worry, its not going to be naggy or anything. Being a fresher is meant to be fun; partying, ill-advised hook-ups, and the friendships that blossom from the shared misery of a hangover. But it also comes with its own brand of pressure; fresher pressure if you will.
Young males are being peer pressured into becoming sexual predators at university by a lad culture which is "rife" in sports
Female students who are victims of sexual assault are being forced to take classes with their attackers because universities
Lecturers are being "forced" to resort to a red and yellow card warning system, often used in primary schools, after being
A university football team has been slapped with a two-week playing ban after delivering a presentation on how to sleep with
A group of male students left their fellow passengers scared and threatened after chanting offensive and sexist songs, including
Despite being forbidden, all-male dinners are to make a return at a a Scottish university, prompting female students to raise
A rugby club at Oxford University has been banned from competing and had its leadership dismissed after organising a "free