student visas

If the government wishes to boost local economies, create jobs, sustain our world class HE sector and build an outward-looking 'global Britain', they should work to strengthen its foundations.
Theresa May's government needs to work with the HE sector to decouple international students from the question of immigration. It should also listen to the British public and recognise that international students are very valuable, temporary visitors who make an enormous economic and cultural contribution to the UK.
It is time to recognise that there is a serious problem in the UK, in the treatment of international students. Indeed, after paying unregulated fees through the roof, non-EU international students face an increasingly impossible situation upon graduation.
The dust has barely settled following the general election and the axe is hanging over higher education funding, with cuts
The marketization of higher education is an uncomfortable topic for many in the UK education sector. My own view is that higher education is both a market benefit and indisputably a public good, and a mixed approach is required.
The Tories and Ukip's "rather ugly noises" about immigrants are putting off Indian students from coming to Britain, Vince
Sixty universities and private colleges have been banned from sponsoring any new international students to enrol and study
The Home Office has suspended English language tests run by a major company after a TV investigation claimed that Britain's
Just to make it clear exactly how careless it would be to allow views such as MigrationWatch's or even Mr Harper's to go unchallenged, it is worth revisiting the many benefits of international students to the UK, which are especially compelling in the context of a sluggish economy.
A bright undergraduate at Oxford University has had to turn down a job to become sports president as she has been refused