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The past three weeks have felt much more 'American' to me. Now settled into Stateside life, I find myself doing more things that an American would do as opposed to a tourist. From fishing on the Chester River at sunset, to going to classes and buying groceries at Acme, I feel comfortably at home in Chestertown. Here's hoping it continues!
British students are increasingly turning their attention to study abroad options, as their annual tuition fees hit £9,000 this month and among fears of ending up with debts of more than £40,000.
All-in-all, it's been a phenomenal start to my Year Abroad. If the next nine months are anything like the first two weeks, then I'm in for a good year.
On 19 August, I'll be leaving England to spend a year studying abroad at Washington College, located on America's East Coast in the State of Maryland. Almost two years in the planning, it's guaranteed to be one of my most memorable experiences.
Russia may not be the hottest study destination, but language students and undergraduates from across the world increasingly turn their attention to this fast-growing economy. Skye Black is one such student who spent the past academic year at the Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (GUAP).
"What really helped me was to not have contact with English people. When I arrived there, I made a conscious decision to
Study abroad is becoming a popular destination for UK students, and while there has been lots of debate around whether it's the increase in tuition fees that is driving people to consider alternatives overseas, the reality is that the reasons are far more habitual.
For 25 years, UK university students have had access to a scheme that offers life-changing opportunities. It can boost their employability, increase their knowledge, skills, and personal experience, and save them money - particularly welcome as tuition fees rise up to £9,000 a year. Yet despite all of this, relatively few sign up.
The football enthusiast would instantly shout out Maradona and Messi. The movie lover would point to Evita. The wine specialist would endorse the Mendoza wine. What would you associate Argentina with?
Study Abroad schemes offered by many universities across the world have become increasingly popular over the past couple