studying abroad

In all likelihood, your year abroad will be a mixed bag of highs and lows. It will probably not be the worst year of your life, but not necessarily the best, either - and that's okay.
As a young British European, the European Union facilitated my own aspirations to study abroad and do more than my parents and sister could ever dream of for me. The value I have derived from spending 12 months in another country and knowing I was one of the first in my family to attempt doing so was an important part of my life, and it has been priceless for myself and other working-class students.
As a linguist, your second year is not based around planning internships, thinking about doing a Masters degree or going into work at long last. Instead you get to look forward to a year abroad; an educationally acceptable gap year so to speak...
Slowly, the dark sky is gently rinsed by hints of blue. Dark blue, light blue, lighter... And gold wash. So emerges the silhouettes of pink coloured clouds, rejoicing at the dawn of a new day.
Leaving home is always going to be hard, be it a semester-long escapade or a few years of study, being thrown into a completely foreign country is terrifying. But it will be the best decision you will ever make in your life, as it is mine.
Social media networks such as Facebook can be easily addictive, because we are interested in what our friends are up to lately. After all, we are social animals who love our friends...
A boost to employability and job prospects is great news, but the more noble, founding notions that underpin the Erasmus scheme must not be forgotten.
Mother Russia may not be everyone's idea of a tranquil holiday destination, however, with a rich cultural history, astonishing architecture, and, if you give them a chance, an incredibly caring and welcoming population, Russia is a fantastic experience.
As we all well know, today is Independence Day, and many of you US students studying here in the UK may be feeling a tad
Britain's brightest state school students are shunning top universities to go and study in the US, blaming a lack of financial