Two nine-year-old schoolgirls have become the world's youngest formation wingwalkers. Reaching speeds of up to 100mph and
WARNING: The video above contains upsetting scenes... A wing walker and pilot have been killed when an air show stunt went
Want to know how to eat corn on the cob? Well, here's the drill... No, really. Here's an actual drill. Click play to find
On Tuesday we told you about the 'Real Life Spiderman' Ethan Swanson, and the demonstrably insane roof-to-roof jump he recorded
Spiderman is real, he lives in Chicago and he owns a GoPro camera. A man named Ethan Swanson recently filmed an absolutely
Live And Let Die is hands-down my favourite Bond movie. I love those menacing scenes shot in New York when the city was at its seediest; I love the conveniently-aligned alligators and the mental boat chase in Louisiana.
When you're marvelling at the on-screen moves of Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence, Naomie Harris, Rooney Mara and co, spare
Two speeding trucks, a zip wire, a host of medical staff and one (crazy) woman makes for one nail-biting stunt on a Croatian
The X Games is known for feats of the 'extreme' variety. But this is something new. On 30 June at the X Games LA 2012, two
Li Xin isn't like most men. You can tell because he's spent the past 20 years practising one particular trick: balancing