The US government's National Security Agency has developed spyware that can hide deep within a person's hard drive according
UPDATE: Kaspersky has clarified that the International Space Station was not infected with Stuxnet. In a statement the company
An audacious attack on Iran's nuclear programme may have backfired and made its security stronger. The Stuxnet virus was
Setting up a Cyber ​​Army while the sluices and pumping stations are equipped with factory-default passwords in their SCADA controllers seems pretty stupid. If you live in a glass house, not throwing stones and not motivating others to do so, is the smarter move.
Iran will attempt to block Google, Gmail and YouTube in response to an anti-Islamic film which has sparked deadly protests
When the massive international cyber attack known as Flame was discovered at the end of May 2012, it was called, without
The Flame malware attack, which was called the "most malicious" ever launched, was developed by the US and Israel to combat
Researchers have shown for the first time that the cyber 'super weapon' known as Flame was connected to the Stuxnet virus
Two security firms have announced the discovery of a cyber weapon which is said to be larger, more damaging and more malicious