sugar daddies

It never even dawned on me that I'd be labeled a "sugar daddy", especially not at 35 anyway. Sure, my hair might be getting a tad greyer and my "crow's feet" slightly more prevalent. But, I certainly don't feel that I'm at that age where I need to feel good about myself by finding someone 17 years my junior and paying for their lavish lifestyle along the way.
Looking from the outside, it seems like a normal relationship, except his friends rib him for his extravagant taste... In a way, I feel flattered that with his discerning taste, he would choose me, and that he continues to choose me, but then again, I'm a pretty good catch, too.
Nearly a quarter of a million students have signed up to become "sugar babies" - where they are paid by a richer, older man
More needs to be done to help students who are unable to cope financially to prevent them resorting to such drastic measures. It is possible women are being forced into, what is essentially, the sex industry by their lack of money and ability to fund their education.
Hundreds of students in the UK have signed up to a "Sugar Daddy" dating website within the past year in order to foot the
It's an odd sight for a Sunday night - a sea of women in cocktail dresses and vertiginous heels sipping champagne in a boutique hotel bar dipping marshmallows into a chocolate fountain.
A dating website to help so-called "sugar daddies" to find "babies" to pamper - in return for the benefits of a young, easily
Female students struggling with tuition fee debts are joining a controversial dating site in order to meet "sugar daddies