Suicide Prevention Day

Listening really does have the power to dramatically change how someone is feeling. At a time when you believe you are not worth caring about, somebody asking you how you are can alter your point of view and bring peace of mind.
No matter how much my exhausted mind tried to move the thought process on they came back to me. Could I really face another day like today? Could I really just go to bed again now and wake up and do it all over again? I could end it. The physical pain, the mental exhaustion, the utter despair and hopelessness I felt could all end.
We ask the media to not be too explicit or detailed about methods of suicide as this could be used as a tip by someone experiencing suicidal ideations. This is even more important when the method involves an unusual method as it puts information into the public domain and makes is easily accessible.
We are now better than ever before at talking about mental health and I want to thank all those who have told me - and others - their stories and experiences - both good and bad. Their stories move me and spur me on to do all I can to continue to improve mental health services. I think each and every person involved is providing such care with such commitment.