If the wedding dress code is morning suit and you're thinking shall I hire or buy, my advice is to buy. By all accounts if you hire you are looking at a bill of around £120 for the weekend. If you're hitting the age where weddings become part of a weekend regime during the summer months, you only need to go to two in order to justify the cost.
It takes a further ten impressions to make up for one bad impression. So, no surprise that the first impression you make on a potential employer is going to be the most important one.
The Apprentice kicks off again on our screens next week and pictures have been released of the latest batch of candidates that will take part in the marathon job interview in order to gain investment from Lord Sugar. What struck me about the latest bunch - especially the boys - was their inability to dress properly.
Florence Welch took to the NME Awards red carpet on Wednesday night (29 Feb) wearing an all-over floral patterned suit.
Former deputy prime minister John Prescott has said that he told Ed Milliband to wear a jacket, as all leaders should be seen in jackets. I quite agree.
What do the words 'mens fashion' conjure in your mind? A Dalston boundary-breaker, drowning everything they own in pleather and studs or the next big thing in the fashion world?