summer 2013

Alton Towers has been forced to shut down its new multi-million pound rollercoaster after reports that a bolt was seen to
I am not coping well with the heat. I am dewy, swollen and weak. As I can, I am recording my thoughts. I don't know how long I have left, so whilst I can lift my fingers to the keypad, I will continue to communicate. The battery in my hand-held fan is waning. As it loses power, so do I.
Thousands of air travellers faced delays today after air traffic control company Nats experienced "technical problems" at
Sizzling Britain was expected to record the hottest temperatures of the year on Saturday, with the prospect of the mercury
Who do you think you are speaking to Re. 'Festival Essentials'? Since I'll be attending Bestival this September, I thought I'd see what you have to offer. Here are some of your suggested inclusions...
Travellers are facing further upheaval as flights were cancelled following continued strikes in France. Around 60 services