summer food

I love meat. I like my steak so rare that if it came still mooing I would be in seventh heaven. It's a running joke in my family: 'just knock off its horns and wipe its arse'. I take my burgers slightly more well done, but not overly so, I'd sooner chew on a hunk of leather than an overcooked patty.
As I'm knee-deep writing a book about rationing in the Second World War AND I think long-winded reviews are a little last century, my pledge for the coming months is less words and more often. So as the month of September promises to bless us with a roll of apples, a twirl of plums and the odd plump fig here are my late summer food awards...
How easy is it to put on a couple of boiled eggs before going to work? An egg contains approximately 80 calories and contains almost every nutrient in one bite. The white is made mostly of protein and the yolk holds 13 essential nutrients to keep us healthy.
I have written about the high levels of sugar in some smoothies before, but if you get the ingredients right, there really is no better way to punch in a load of goodness and energy than with a long cool glass of nutritionally loaded fruit/vegetable smoothie.
The summer is finally here (hurrah!) and with the sun shining there's no better time to indulge in some tasty street food
July brings a glut of succulent summer fruit and vegetables. The trees and hedgerows are laden with berries, ripening peaches
Hosting a successful BBQ in the UK doesn't have to be impossible. OK, the weather may make things difficult at times - but it doesn't have to be a disaster just because everyone gets a little wet. A burger in the rain is the new hype - haven't you heard?