Sun City

The competition is tough this year at this year's South African Music Awards. We asked music lovers on the streets who they'd like to see take home a Sama this weekend.
It is almost holiday season, with December and New Year's Eve around the corner, so now would be the perfect time to plan a vacation.
Over R1-million was spent on food and beverages.
The Hawks, are in talks over a broader investigation into the Gupta family.
There were some ordinary South Africans who did not capitulate to the Guptas' wishes and tried to do the right thing.
After the viral images circulated on Twitter, Correctional Services explains what happened
The Guptas allegedly racially profiled staff before hiring them, preferring that white women work at their events.
From her sexy selfies to her recent luncheon with her bursary recipients , Bonang tells all.
This after allegations surfaced that food meant for the staff canteen was stored in a “condemned” basement with pipes apparently leaking sewage.