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Nancy Dell'Olio will pen a weekly style column in News International's new Sun on Sunday newspaper, it was revealed today
A Twitter account claiming to be an "insider" at News International has described a "desperate and repugnant" atmosphere
Education secretary Michael Gove has said that Rupert Murdoch "should be applauded" for setting up the Sun on Sunday, and
There is never an ideal time to either have a baby or launch a newspaper. If we sat around waiting for the perfect economic conditions, we would have neither. That is why we have such a thing as, 'the force of nature'. Rupert Murdoch is part of that force.
An anti-Sun On Sunday campaign has been launched on Twitter over News International's coverage of the Hillsborough disaster
After months of speculation and the closure of Britain's oldest newspaper, The News of the World, The Sun on Sunday will
Rupert Murdoch's announcement that the Sun on Sunday will be launched "very soon" was met with a mixture of joy, cynicism
Ed Miliband said he is not overly keen to see Rupert Murdoch launch a new Sunday tabloid to replace the axed News of the
There hasn't been a lot of good news for the newspaper industry in recent years - but the announcement of Rupert Murdoch's
Rupert Murdoch is sending out "mixed messages" after his announcement that News International will launch a Sunday edition