It's been just over a week since I declared my new-found sobriety upon y'all through this very website and it seems only right to update you all on my progress: I think you would all agree it's been a terrible week to give up.
The unseasonably fine and hot weather has continued on Friday and into the weekend, forecasters say. Sun worshippers flocked
A survey commissioned by Appletiser reportedly showed that what women really want is the sun to come out - and a compliment
Heavy rain and gusts of winds accompanied by turbulent funnel clouds that look strikingly similar to tornadoes, could hit
I was verbally attacked by a woman at my Bootcamp class. The reason for this tirade of insult and anger is because I don't wear sun cream. She felt that because I lecture about health it was hypocritical of me not to wear sun cream.
Dane Bowers was quizzed by cops on Tuesday and arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to rape, according to a report. A woman
Britons continued to enjoy temperatures more than ten degrees above average today as unseasonably warm weather continued
It sounds like something from a sci-fi movie, but the Sun erupted on Tuesday evening, releasing a torrent of charged particles that could have many implications on our infrastructure.
Ah Vitamin D. You've become quite a celebrity recently. You seem to be in every health story I read. The majority of the Vitamin D created in our bodies come from exposure to sunlight and after years of slapping on the factor 50 and worrying about skin cancer, it would appear we have all become D deficient.
It appears the phone hacking scandal occupying the UK's news pages for the past few months may have been merely the preliminary act. The main event could well be the graft and corruption probe that now seems to be linking the Sun newspaper to numbers of Metropolitan Police officers and other public officials.
A Twitter account claiming to be an "insider" at News International has described a "desperate and repugnant" atmosphere
It's the endorsement every politician dreads... Rupert Murdoch has appeared to give his backing to Alex Salmond's drive for
It's the endorsement every politician dreads... Rupert Murdoch has appeared to give his backing to Alex Salmond's drive for
Ultraviolet rays could help prevent the spread of chickenpox, new research has shown. The discovery, which suggests people
Charlotte Church sang at Rupert Murdoch’s wedding for free in exchange for favourable publicity, the Leveson Inquiry has
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Britain's mini-heatwave will come to a halt this week, with temperatures set to drop in a matter of
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Parts of the country are set to sizzle again as Britons prepare for what could be the hottest October
A new study has found that lack of vitamin D - which is created when bare skin is exposed to sunshine - could put people
Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks have been called to appear before a parliamentary select committee next week as claims