Two women have been caught sunbathing on gravestones in a cemetery in Victoria, Australia. A photograph of the bikini-clad
A new poll reveals that apparently, nearly 50% of us top up our tans during out lunchbreak. Although this seems somewhat
Ever wondered why you feel so damn good after a relaxing holiday by the beach? Well, according to researchers, spending time
UPDATE: 22 June - The photo below, recently provided to The Huffington Post UK and numerous other international media outlets
Relaxed sunbathers soak up the rays, not knowing they are being secretly snapped as part of a quirky art project. Photographer
We're used to engaging the Germans in a silent war over sun loungers and beach towels, but one battle they are welcome to
Concerns have been raised over a "large increase" in the number of cancer cases which can be attributed to poor lifestyle
Can the health benefits of real sunshine ever outweigh the health risks associated with it? New reports in the media certainly
We've all done it - spent a day in the sun and sought shelter before we're burnt - only to develop a lobster-esque sheen
Were you ever incredibly good at something - something that is no longer highly regarded? Even downright frowned on? For