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From Amazon to Budweiser, these are the commercials that won the Super Bowl for best ads.
The most sought-after advertising spots are those dovetailed around the Super Bowl's halftime show, in which some of the biggest names in music have performed. Coldplay will take to the stage this year.
It's Breaking Bad's 'Just call Saul!' - on meth. Yes, personal injury lawyer Jamie Casino, from Georgia, USA, may have just
This morning I awoke to a Facebook feed peppered with controversy over Coca-Cola's Super Bowl ad, which featured a multicultural mix of people, all presumably Americans, singing "America the Beautiful" in their native tongues. Most negative commenters seem to think it is in some way blasphemous to sing "America the Beautiful" in any language other than English...
The Super Bowl is supposed to be 'family-friendly?' Since when? My husband and I have no interest in sports, but if we did, I'm sure we would know what kind of entertainment content was going to be on tap for the halftime show. I mean, isn't this the same show where Janet Jackson 'accidentally' had a wardrobe malfunction?
(Via Pleated Jeans) 'Fetch': Fancy crisp-makers Doritos have just announced the five finalists in their annual ‘Crash The