Super Bowl

We openly admit we have absolutely no clue what's going on when it comes to American football but we do know our Madonna
Ever watched How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying? It has a song called Brotherhood Of Man - and over the weekend
Now the dust has settled, it looks like we've learned about five important things from 2012's Super Bowl. They are: Madonna's
Madonna's performance at the Super Bowl's half-time show may have reminded viewers who is the true queen of pop - complete
As America gears up for Super Bowl XLVI, Bill Belichick remains studiously calm. The head coach of the New England Patriots, who face their old rivals the New York Giants on Sunday, seems unperturbed by the angst that is gnawing away at the fans.
Filmmaker Joe Francis has offered to cut a deal with Madonna to allow her to perform her new song Girls Gone Wild and avoid
Oh Madonna. Words (almost) fail us. She's clearly over all that 'directing' business, and is now getting set for her musical
Madonna may have got her critics spinning yesterday with her comments that fans should 'quit grumbling, start saving' to
Sacha Baron Cohen came, saw and offended as Borat and Bruno. Now, he's back on our screens, nearly, as The Dictator... a
Jerry Seinfeld's history in advertising is... a patchy one, to say the least. Remember that one with Bill Gates for Microsoft