Super Rich

We always knew that the super rich hide much of their money away, but that still does not detract from the horrifying revelations of this leak. I fear we live in a faux democracy; a society that has all the appearance of a nation that treats everyone the same, but under that veneer is an ideologically driven system, assembled to benefit those who already have it all. It remains to be seen what information will emerge if/when Cameron publishes his tax returns. But for the public, I suspect the damage is already done.
What kind of country do we live in? This must be at the back of the minds of everyone listening to or reading the Queen's Speech, but is it the wrong question? Shouldn't we be asking what kind of world would bring us happiness?
Leaving aside the question of whether we really need 50% of our young going to higher education, let us ask whether there is any alternative to making people pay for higher education.
Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky, (centre right), arrives at the High Court Abramovich added: "He would not have lived long
Nick Clegg has called on Britain's wealthiest to make an "extra contribution" to the economic recovery, in what has been
Many people are dubbing 2012 the year of change in Ibiza. For so long the world capital of dance, and before that the Spanish playboy's adult playground. Has anything really changed?
Everyone who knows me, and many who don't but who have heard me speak or followed my social media updates, will know that I'm a big sports fan and, in particular, a big football fan. It's been an enjoyable season for me too, with my team, Charlton Athletic, winning our division with a record number of points, only losing five out of 46 matches.
The rich got richer over the last year, with the wealthiest 1,000 people in the UK now worth a record £414 billion. Bucking
Nick Clegg said he wants to go after millionaires who dodge levies on their wealth by introducing a "tycoon tax". The Deputy
The ultimate Christmas gift for any self-respecting bachelor has to be the suggestively named “Gigantis”, a smartphone-controlled