Super Tuesday

Former vice president Joe Biden celebrated a string of victories on Super Tuesday. But the Democratic presidential hopeful got a bit muddled during his celebratory speech, mixing up his wife Jill and his sister Valerie as they both stood next to him.
Joe Biden is surging as Bernie Sanders wins the top prize of California.
"Like when you chock on your covfefe?" one person fired back online.
The Democratic Party's nominee to challenge Donald Trump won't be confirmed today. But it could make one person unstoppable.
Longshot candidate ends his campaign before 'Super Tuesday'.
Candidates move to the crunch the 'Super Tuesday' with former vice president claiming a comeback.
The Donald is now the official front-runner for the Republican nomination for President of the United States. Yes I know
Today is Super-Tuesday, a completely American event in which you have no say. So why should you care? Well there's one very
I owe my life to the remarkable generosity of America's political system, which under legislation from Franklin D. Roosevelt welcomed thousands of children from England during World War II. It is out of this respect, and out of a fear for how money is corroding America's political system, that I call for a rethink of how we approach campaign finance.
Watching Fox News reporter Doug Luzader, heads down, not responding to questions from the anchor back in the studio, it's