Holidaymakers in the coastal region of Halkidiki barely had time to run for cover as a rare, but very violent, storm hit the coast. Two children were among those killed and at least 100 people were injured. On the east coast of Italy, severe winds also sent beachgoers running to safety. At least 18 people were injured when hailstones as big as oranges battered the coast.
A powerful supercell thunderstorm roiled over New Mexico this weekend, spitting out mammoth hailstones measuring four inches
An incredible time lapse video has been posted to YouTube, showing the formation of a spinning supercell storm. The film
Britain could be braced for more thunder and lightning after a special type of storm swept across the country, bringing tornadoes
A "special" type of storm swept across the country on Monday, bringing with it a tornado to some areas. The storm, thought