A video supercut released by Owenergy has shone the spotlight on a cinematic elephant in the room - Owen Wilson's recycling
Missing Carrie and the girls? Really? Still? Oh, for heaven's sake - get over it! All the same, if it helps you to finally
Come with us, please. And don't ask questions. There's no time to explain. We just need you to watch the TV and movie supercut
How did we not notice this the first time we watched 'Breaking Bad'? If you look very closely at the clip above, you'll see
We don't really know why we find this funny. But we do. And we're hoping you will, too. (Actually, that could be our new
Now, in everyday life, how often does someone enter or exit a room by crashing spectacularly through a huge sheet of glass
Can't decide which DVD to watch today? This YouTube video won't help you one little bit. Put together by film buff Jonathan
Tsk - that Bruce Willis. What is he like, eh? When he's not jumping through plate glass windows from a great height, he's
And now it's time for today's amusing Barack Obama-based music video spoof. Hot on the heels of the creepy mask dance and
As the film-lovers among you are doubtless already aware, there are two kinds of people in this world. However, there appears