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(TOP) Clean-up continues amongst piles of debris where a large section of the iconic boardwalk was washed away on November
CliFi reads the sign at central London's Foyles book shop, pointing to a temptingly inviting stack of Climate Fact and Fiction books, a vivid testimony to the meteoric rise of the relatively new genre.
Chris Christie, despite some obvious obstacles, has managed to successfully create a blue print for how a modern conservative leader can stay relevant and popular whilst seeing through real conservative policies.
The Queen's rowbarge 'Gloriana' leads the man-powered section past the Houses of Parliament during the Thames Diamond Jubilee
Some have dubbed it the biggest music event in history and a look at the line-up reveals why. Bruce Springsteen and the E
Sir Paul McCartney is to fill in for Kurt Cobain as the surviving members of Nirvana reunite at the Superstorm Sandy benefit
Construction workers and students narrowly "dodged death" when a crane erupted into flames and collapsed in Sydney, Australia
Using 800 infrared images scientists have produced an amazing computer animation that shows the incredible development of
The storm surge left this New York street near the Con Edison power works looking like a river They are scenes that are both
More than 1,000 people live in dirty, rat-infested underground flood tunnels way beneath Caesar's Palace at The Luxor casino hotels. Disease and highly poisonous spiders are the major concern. Begging and 'dumpster diving' for food is how they survive. Many of those who call this home are former war veterans or those who came to Las Vegas in pursuit of the American dream. Drink, drugs and depression are now their way of life. So, who do the residents of underground Vegas want to win on Tuesday? I'll be finding out as I spend the next few days broadcasting for Sky News from Nevada.
You can't of course mention Sandy without talking about the US presidential election. By putting partisan politics to the side for just a few days and acting as the President his country so clearly wants, Obama has enjoyed a bump in the polls that has brought him, if not into a convincing lead, at least into a position where the outcome is too close to call. That might not be enough to keep the keys to the White House if the likes of Rupert Murdoch have anything to do with it.
With three days to go until the US election, media mogul Rupert Murdoch has thrown in his two pennies’ worth in typically
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Extreme disasters which occur just before an election, do appear to sway voters, the latest research has found.
The Superstorm which battered America’s East Coast killing at least 50 people was allegedly caused by top-secret Iranian
As a result of Hurricane Sandy, the current Caribbean death toll is greater than the current US death toll although news coverage would suggest otherwise. There are already victims yet the focus is on the prospective fatalities - namely in America.
People stop along the Brooklyn waterfront to look at the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline after much of lower New
With only a week to go before voters head to the polls to elect the next American president, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama
Dramatic images of Superstorm Sandy appeared across Facebook, Twitter and blogs as the storm hit the US East Coast - but
The sheer power of superstorm Sandy has been shown in a number of videos uploaded to social networking site YouTube. The