We've had war-mongering Blair, pro banker Brown and fair but bland Miliband, Labour members deserve better. We need a party to be proud of. Jeremy is popular and will gain votes. As leader he'd re-claim our roots and rekindle Socialist values; values that are as important today, with inequality endemic, as they ever have been.
When it comes to sport I would never proclaim to be an avid follower of single team or individual professional, however there's something very exciting happening in football that could see the power of clubs placed back into the community they serve. The community ownership of football clubs is gaining momentum and has the possibility to empower local fans like never before, away from the hands of the few and into the hands of many.
The only way the Women's game can be 'as good as the male game' is to treat it with the same respect rather than as a completely different sport. Of course the way the women play strategically is different, but it's still football!
Whatever your sport - football, rugby, cricket - is your club financially secure? Are you sure it can survive for the next year, let alone 50 years?
So those who did decide to travel to the east of the country were not expecting much - but I'm pleased to say most have been pleasantly surprised. The people of Donetsk are clearly thrilled to be hosting such a prestigious tournament and so have been extremely welcoming towards England supporters.
The last time England played in a tournament in Europe, some 100,000 supporters travelled to the World Cup in Germany to watch Sven Goran Eriksson's 'golden generation' take on the world. But only a minority had tickets. Fast forward six years to Euro 2012, and the picture couldn't be more different.