Passionate women surfers are making waves in this exhibition series shot by photographer Saskia Koerner.
(Photo by Gregory Borne) How we engage with and understand our environment is a hugely complex process. We all understand
His last words were: 'I just got the best wave of my life!'
Surf instructor Alan Burke told the channel: “I’m told Zander got overturned by a closeout set, where he likely hit bottom
The Husband and I are spectacularly average surfers. In fact we pride ourselves on our ability to spend the entire day fighting through the white water, only to get pounded by gigantic waves once we reach 'out back'.
I admit, it's hard not to bop along to California Girls and Surf City. But do we want to remain frozen in a 1970s narrative, where there's 'two girls for every boy' and women are little other than eye candy for beach boys to ogle at?
BBC newsreader Simon McCoy stunned viewers on Monday with a masterclass in British sarcasm after being forced to report events
It doesn’t get much more idyllic than these.