Toasty golden sands, salty air and gently rolling sea: idle days by the beach are one of life’s loveliest pleasures. And
He grasped the rails on his BIC 8"6 Magnum board with his new winter 5mm surfing gloves with extra grip built into the palms
What is clear is that the imperative to educate, research, enhance understanding and communicate issues relating to sustainable development and climate change has never been more stark. And to that end someone else was in Marrakesh speaking at COP22. Nev Hyman Founder of Firwire Surfboards and now founder of Nevhouse.
2.00 in the afternoon eating lemon meringue for breakfast with episodes of The West Wing running on a loop is a fairly accurate indicator that I may not be on sparkling top form. Three days into latest BPD induced hibernation from the outside world because even the walk to and from the shop on a Wednesday afternoon feels far too peopely a proposition.
People tend to make assumptions about gap years. I was probably not ready for university, not mentally stable enough to make
The United Kingdom doesn't quite have the same ring to it as Bali or Hawaii, but that's part of what makes surfing here so special. Trade boardshorts for wetsuit booties and palm-tree-covered hills for rocky cliffs, and you have one of the most rugged and unique surf destinations in the world -- the U.K.
Have you ever spoken to a surfer about why they surf? They will tell you that once you get into it there is no turning back. As someone who has never donned a wetsuit or waxed a board, I never really appreciated the significance of a surfer's relationship with the ocean and how this can influence their broader view of the world. Then I met the team at EcoSwell in Peru.
Nothing slows down pro surfer Bethany Hamilton for long. Six months after giving birth to her first child, Hamilton, who
It's raining, it's miserable, it's dark and it's Manchester. So the last thing you'd want to do is strip off to your swimming
One of the most overwhelming sights in sport is the swell in Nazaré, Portugal. The vast waves, whipped up out to sea, roar