survival of the fittest

She dropped out of sister show 'Survival Of The Fittest' earlier this year.
She made her (brief) reality TV debut earlier this week.
Something to cheer you up on those cold winter nights.
‘Love Island’ bosses have announced plans for a new winter dating show, following the success of this year’s show. And while
In a stunningly ironic way it is the political equivalent of survival of the fittest that seeks shelter under a religious cannon. The religious Americans have there ultimate dream cake and eat it: the pre-eminence of self-regard on this earth is the right thing to do for yourself, others and God and as a consequence you are spiritually rewarded for it in the afterlife.
It has been fashionable from the time of Darwin, indeed almost beyond question, to hold that evolution is based on survival of the fittest. But what this latest study demonstrates is that the fittest among us are likely to be those who are the most adaptable, considerate and cooperative.
Mrs Thatcher was not universally adored, and the public ceremony she was accorded, unsurprisingly riled the many Britons who did not prosper during her time in office. For them, the tide of effusive public tributes were indulgent, partisan displays of hero worship.