Sussex University

Students at Sussex University have voted to boycott Israeli goods on their campus following the violent conflict in Gaza
A year ago on the 17 January, I was brought to a disciplinary hearing where I faced the prospects of expulsion from my Master's degree. My crime? I dared stand alongside fellow students and workers, relentlessly protesting the plans to privatise our essential support services.
Sussex University has been ordered to apologise and pay thousands in compensation to three students who were unfairly suspended
Well, that was embarrassing. A writer for the Daily Mash (seriously, why was this fact alone not a give-away?) tweeted a
Students at Sussex University are the most likely group in the UK to engage in sexual activity with their lecturers, research
A university has been slammed as a "disgrace" for spending more than £100,000 in legal fees after taking disciplinary action
Human rights lawyers have accused a university of being "unlawful", "devious" and guilty of abusing disciplinary proceedings
How did a British university get to the stage of inspiring such anger and contempt from someone like Geoffrey Robertson, the man who organised war-crimes trials in Sierra Leone, that he would be prepared to spend days of his time working unpaid, dealing with petty academic administrators, instead of making the big bucks in Strasbourg?
I'm happy to see that students are showing the establishment who really possesses the power. It has been good to see the success of the Cops Off Campus demonstration taking place from London to Aberdeen today.
Every time something goes wrong, every time there is an injustice, and we tolerate it, that is shaping our society, and in the worst way possible. When the state stops playing by the rules, we all have a duty to make it start again.