Sussex University

Five students suspended from their campus for protesting against the privatisation of services have been allowed back to
Five students at Sussex University have been suspended following "peaceful" protests over the privatisation of campus services
Imagine what would happen to Britain if the Home Secretary had the power to expel anyone from the country "without assigning any reason." Then imagine what it would be like now if the power had always existed: no dissenting voices left, no debate; anyone in a minority either too intimidated to speak out or already deported.
There's not much that needs saying about this utterly brilliant prank by a Sussex University student and his friend on Made
A university could become the first in the country to introduce gender neutral toilets for its transgender students after
Student protesters have been evicted from Sussex University by numerous security guards, bailiffs and police officers after
For more than 100 years the National Union of Students has been the mouthpiece for university students but now, despite warnings
Students have been left "distressed and intimidated" after anti-abortion group Abort67 held a demonstration at their university