suzy miller

The conundrum is, how can marriage be a morally superior course of action on the one hand, and an insurance policy for a statistically high divorce possibility on the other?  The two just don't quite fit together somehow.
'Marriages in which wives have the educational advantage were once more likely to dissolve, but this association has disappeared in more recent marriage cohorts'... is the only reason that educated women are staying married longer because men are becoming more emotionally intelligent?
Sophrology can help you explore your own consciousness and unlock your inner potential, supporting you through key moments in your life, no matter how challenging.
Your children want their parents to live in harmony, more than they want them to live together in the same home.  Long term studies show that children do not suffer because of break up - they suffer because their parents are angry, fighting, or just blocking each other out of their lives - and this can tear the children apart.
The interveiws with Psychotherapist Caron Barruw provide a real insight into the children's perspective on adversarial divorce, and also the wider effects on work life and the cost to employers.
The voice of single mother Sarah talks about how tough it is in the beginning to co-parent. How you need to just get through it, to treat yourself sometimes - give yourself rewards - for managing that particular 'change-over' of the kids really well.
How to divorce amicably is the route most sane people want to take when family breakup feels inevitable, and in this divorce advice video, and accompanying article, I provide key information to help you.