Now we don’t know about you, but in general we don’t like to get too close to vast quantities of sweat. Not only is there
After a workout at the gym, it’s acceptable. After a workout between the sheets, it’s sexy. But when you’re trying to go
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When people ask me if I ever have Botox and I say, 'Yes, but more in my armpits than in my face,' they look understandably confused. There aren't many wrinkles in the armpits, after all -- but these days Botox is about more relaxing wrinkles.
Josie Cunningham incurred the wrath of the nation when she revealed she’d had a £4,800 tax payer-funded breast enlargement
Anxiety is a feeling easily created about many situations but the more closely we look at the feeling we usually discover it comes from a thought 'about' something and is not actually happening now. The more we unpick an anxiety the more it becomes a feeling about another time or another place.
Barack Obama is known for keeping a cool head when the temperature rises around him, but this is one situation that's getting