Olympic champion Rebecca Adlington has vowed to avoid the internet during the London 2012 Games after being taunted over
As I lay on a patch of grass at the Kenwood Ladies' Pond in London yesterday evening, I realised the peace I'd thought was so elusive and so far away was within my reach - and on my doorstep.
It's hot in the UK right now. It's also hot in Brazil – and you might as well play around in the swimming pool when it's
Unless you happen to be Stephen Hawking or Stephen Fry or someone else who happens to be awesome (but not necessarily called
One third of 11-year-olds leaving primary school do so unable to swim, according to research by the Amateur Swimming Association
Norway's world swimming champion Alexander Dale Oen has died in the US after suffering a cardiac arrest. The Norwegian Swimming
Sitting beside a woman in Bangladesh, watching the tears roll down her cheeks, I searched for some words of comfort. But none came. This bereaved mother, Hosna, was bravely recalling the day that her 11-year-old son, Emamul drowned in front of her very eyes. He was just playing beside a calm and still river bank when he fell in. He had no idea how to swim so, within minutes, he was gone. It goes without saying that Hosna's story is devastating. No mother should have to face the death of their child. But what I found most difficult to comprehend is that she's just one of 50 grieving mums who lose a child in this way every single day across Bangladesh alone.
A little while later, breakfast digested, I was jogging along the wide promenade that runs the entire length of the beach
Though the chilly weather has put most people off sports for now, that didn't stop Barcelona's Alexis Sanchez burying the
A surfer managed to paddle back to shore covered in blood after a shark attack at North Avoca Beach, New South Wales, Australia