Want to swim like a fantasy sea creature? At 'mermaiding' classes in Finland, adult women and men swim wearing a garment that combines a monofin flipper with fabric from the waist down to create a distinctive mermaid tail.
Because chlorine should be everyone's perfume
Brought to you by Voltarol
Swimmer is first to ever circumnavigate Great Britain - a journey of 1,791 miles.
Swim England's advice to shop swimwear by body type is precisely the kind of surveillance and objectification that actively discourages women from participating in sports
It also offered tips on what to wear to “accentuate curves”.
"Research shows that simply being in water can be restorative."
German lifeguards have issued a warning about phones following a spate of drownings.
The 50-year-old will swim for eight hours a day.
After Rio I learned to embrace the nametag. I don’t see it as an insult - it’s just a name for ordinary people who were forced to flee their homes like and my family