Swim England's advice to shop swimwear by body type is precisely the kind of surveillance and objectification that actively discourages women from participating in sports
Miss America has scrapped its swimsuit section, and Miss SA 2017 1st princess, Boipelo Mabe, gave us her insights.
If you’ve ever thought, “Wow, this pool could be better if I had Prince Harry or Meghan Markle’s face on my body,” then have we got news for you.
Swimsuit season can be a controversial topic as some retailers tend to dismiss the fact that not all bathing suits are created equal.
Then last Summer, for the first time, I found myself looking around at other women and comparing. I felt conscious of every little lump and bump - three kids in five years can do that. Discussing this with two friends some months later, I expressed how uncomfortable I had felt wearing a bikini last Summe...
I loathe public pools (there was an incident involving an incredibly hirsute man, a weeping wound and a large, floating sticking plaster during aqua aerobics which pushed me clean over the edge) so I figured the extra motivation of at least having a pretty looking swimsuit would definitely not go amiss.