syria chemical weapons

Dear Dave, I wonder if you got the chance to read my last letter, although it now seems clear it would have made no difference. Now that you have lost the vote in parliament, I thought it might be prudent for me to advance further words of advice on how to move forward...
If the proposition to withdraw all chemical weapons were agreed, it would almost certainly be sufficient to bring about an accompanying ceasefire. It would also be an impetus to start the planned conference in Geneva to negotiate a peace settlement.
There is a rare neurological disorder called The Capgras Delusion, whereby the patient thinks that their friends, family and close acquaintances have been replaced by impostors. My Capgrasian Delusion has come in the form of patrial distrust: has the noble United Kingdom been replaced by oil-hungry doppelgangers puppeteered by thick strings from across the pond? Who in this case is the liar - the West or Syria?
David Cameron remains committed to opposing President Bashar Assad, despite being neutered by Thursday evening’s historic
The media's role in the Iraq 'road to war' was to be relentlessly critical of weapons' inspectors, particularly whenever they came up with the 'wrong' findings as far as the pro-war-Iraq-has-WMD- lobby were concerned. Weapons' inspectors are back in the headlines, following allegations of use of chemical agents in Syria - are they going to get caught in the cross-fire again?
With just over 24 hours to go before Parliament debates whether the UK will intervene in Syria, most of the British people
Angela Kane has one of the most unenviable tasks on Earth. Perhaps within days, the evidence that her United Nations disarmament
Hans Blix, the former UN weapons inspector tasked with finding Iraq’s WMD between 2000 and 2003, has warned Washington against
Reports have emerged that North Korea unsuccessfully attempted to export gas masks, arms and ammunition to Syria. The secretive
We all put up with things, until they reach a point where we can't do it anymore. From our neighbour's noisy party music, through to our husband's visits to the pub... eventually we get to a point where we cannot accept that anymore and we do something about it. We are at that point in Syria.