syria chemical weapons

The Syrian government has said it will allow UN weapons inspectors to examine the site of an alleged chemical weapons attack
David Cameron and Barack Obama have moved the West a step closer to decisive intervention in Syria, pledging a "serious response
Thousands of patients were admitted to Damascus hospitals on Wednesday displaying signs of neurotoxicity, a Médecins sans
The US is weighing up its military options in Syria in the aftermath of a deadly chemical weapons strike, with American naval
Chemical weapons are the only "plausible explanation" for the deaths of 1,300 people in an attack outside Damascus, William
As I scrolled through the tweets, and clicked on the links for videos and pictures, I was filled with an overpowering sense of helpless outrage as to the mindless, senseless, overwhelming atrocity that was carried out overnight in the suburbs of Damascus... Nothing in my life to date has prepared me with a sufficient vocabulary to communicate the horrors of these photographs.
Have chemical weapons been used in Syria? William Hague has demanded immediate access for UN inspectors to determine whether
British efforts to stop the slaughter by forces of President Bashar Assad could see us dragged into war, to prevent the regime's
Given the gravity of this claim and its consequences, as well as a recent history of unevidenced assertions based on inaccurate intelligence being used to justify involvement in foreign wars, how does the evidence in the latest assertion stack up?
War still rages in Syria - a fact that we are too quick to forget. The second birthday of the crisis has long passed and resolution doesn't appear to be on the horizon. When Syria-related news does reach our media outlets and Twitter feeds, it usually focuses on chemical weapons or possible intervention by the US. There is little talk of the abhorrent humanitarian crisis, which deteriorates daily.