syria chemical weapons

Nerve agent Sarin appears to have been used in the devastating two-year civil war in Syria, David Cameron said, as he prepared
Callous though it may sound, the needle on the horror-meter has not yet gone high enough.
Syrian government forces have used chemical weapons against rebel fighters, the Israeli military's top intelligence analyst
It is "highly probably" chemical weapons have been used in Syria, a US intelligence official has said, echoing the words
William Hague has revealed that he had seen "some evidence" that Syria is preparing to use chemical weapons against rebels
The US has reiterated concerns over the Syrian regime using chemical weapons saying any such move would cross a "red line
Prime Minister David Cameron and US president Barack Obama have agreed that the use of chemical weapons in Syria or even
David Cameron and Barack Obama have said any threat to deploy chemical weapons by the Syrian regime would be "completely
The Syrian regime is poised to use chemical weapons, according to a high-profile defector. Speaking to the BBC, Nawaf Fares