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I've discovered that a driving holiday in rural central France with intermittent internet access is not the best way to hear that Parliament has been imminently recalled, or the best place from which to act on the information. Result? The logistics of getting back in time have beaten me and I'll still be on the road back to the UK when Parliament meets on Thursday.
Tensions between Britain and Russia are being strained further as David Cameron engages in a round of difficult diplomatic
I met an injured soldier in Yamadiya hospital with bits of shrapnel stuck on his face who displayed this extraordinary morale, saying, "May God heal me quickly so that I can return to fight that oppressor." The doctor did not seem very optimistic about his recovery.
Caught at a stage in their lives when they should be concentrating on their studies and having fun with their friends, many Syrian teenagers are now in a position where they have to take on serious responsibilities, yet lack the autonomy of adulthood.
For many refugees I spoke to, their story about how they left begins with a deciding moment: "my house was destroyed"; "there was so much firing in the street, I could not get to the hospital just 10 minutes away"; "we saw too much killing".
One month ago two foreign journalists were abducted in Syria and are still reported missing. Correspondent Bashar Fahmi, a Jordanian national of Palestinian origin, and Turkish cameraman Cuneyt Unal were working for the US government funded broadcaster Al-Hurra when they disappeared in the northwestern city of Aleppo on 20 August.
David Cameron and Barack Obama have said any threat to deploy chemical weapons by the Syrian regime would be "completely
The bomb blast that killed three members of the Syrian regime's inner sanctum on Wednesday is being touted as the most significant
The Syrian regime is poised to use chemical weapons, according to a high-profile defector. Speaking to the BBC, Nawaf Fares
Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad has suffered the first defection of a close ally since the regime’s brutal crackdown of the