Syria violence

The world must be dealt with how it is, not how we might like it to be. We are a civilisation seeking peace but swimming in chaos.
I look out at my dogs play-fighting in the sun with the sound of gun fire piercing the scene and I recognise that this is paradise, comparatively paradise. I wish I could swap my life for the lives of those two boys, I'd willingly do so that they could make it to safety, maybe to the 'apparent' safety of the Calais Jungle where they could be with other children attending a makeshift school.
Syria's quite a large country; how are we going to sustain a campaign fighting on several fronts? If we are going up against the Syrian government AND Islamic State we would need quite a lot of soldiers on the ground...
In March 2008 Colonel Muammar Gaddafi addressed the Arab Leader's Summit in Syria. Gaddafi spoke without his trademark slurred
Khaled sits down in what appears to be an awkward position, his back against the wall. Half sitting, half lying. It is how he sat in his cell in Damaskus. During a total of 12 months, locked up in a cell too small to lie down in, and not high enough to stand up, Khaled was tortured by the Syrian Security forces...
As reported by the national press, the young girl is called Hudea and she was photographed in December 2014 at the Atmeh refugee camp in Syria, near the Turkish border, where she had travelled with her mother and two siblings, roughly 150km from their home in Hama.
Six people have been arrested in Dover on suspicion of Syria-related terrorism offences, West Midlands Police said. The five
It is a rich and nuanced piece touching on all the points that the arrival of ISIS has raised in Syria and Iraq. Typos aside, this is an important contribution to the emerging literature on ISIS and will surely be on any academic reading list for years to come.
As Syria's national conflict enters its fourth year, we take a look at some recent pictures showing life in the embattled
All we can do is continue to provide lifesaving aid and push for solutions, despite the challenges stacked against us. It's important to recognise what we are able to achieve - the international community must keep investing in humanitarian relief and striving for a sustainable peace.