Syria War

Western strikes have damaged the chances of achieving a political resolution in the seven-year Syria conflict, Putin and Iranian counterpart agree, accoring to the Kremlin.
“At this time, the Department of Defense is not conducting air strikes in Syria.”
Syria’s escalation in attacking its own people has led to the deaths of at least 417 people this week. Hundreds more have been injured.
The world must be dealt with how it is, not how we might like it to be. We are a civilisation seeking peace but swimming in chaos.
President Trump and the populist leaders in Europe spreading hateful rhetoric have forgotten that we all belong to one race — humanity.
The ceasefire is mostly holding, as Russia calls on United Nations to back the deal.
When will Syria's suffering end? When will the suffering of Iraqis end? The people of Yemen, Afghanistan... When? As long as leaders like Assad exist, rebel factions, al Qaeda, ISIS, it is a long, long road to peace, rebuilding and stability.
Volunteers are not collateral damage. They are not acceptable targets when a ceasefire ends. Ceasefire or no, the rules of international humanitarian law still apply. Safe access must mean safe access. Guarantees given by fighting parties must be honoured. This recent attack has horrified people across the world. It has also denied 78,000 people of much-needed aid. These attacks cannot and must not continue. We call for all aid workers to be respected and protected. This, sadly, may not be the first time aid workers have been attacked. But it should be - it must be - the last.
Omran is then left sitting quietly, appearing stunned and disturbed by the ordeal. He runs his hand over his face and looks at the blood before wiping it away. Imagine if this was your child? As a mother, seeing images like this is traumatic, we feel helpless and want to raise more awareness within the mainstream media that innocent children should not have to pay the price for wars.
There's a perception amongst some in the outside world that the situation in Syria is better now. It's not. The 'cessation of violence' does not, as some report, equate to a ceasefire. Even in areas that have experienced a respite from the constant thud of mortars, the eerie silence that remains reveals another problem. How do people come back and pick up the pieces?