The president said he hoped "Russia, China or Napoleon Bonaparte" got involved.
Critics say the US has betrayed the Kurds by pulling back in the face of Turkey’s invasion.
Almost 1,000 women with links to Islamic State, along with their children, are known to live in the camp.
Turkey launched a Syrian offensive days after US troops pulled out. Kurds in the UK capital are furious that their people's "sacrifices" have been for nothing.
Alexanda Kotey and El Shakee Elsheikh are said to have been members of the 'Beatles' which executed hostages in propaganda videos.
The president has stood his ground, citing his “great and unmatched wisdom”.
The president, in his own words in 2015, zeroes in on a problem linked to his order to abandon Kurdish allies to a Turkish assault in Syria.
The US president highlights his "great and unmatched wisdom" after decision to withdraw troops from Syria amid fears for the Kurds.
Ryad Alsous had to leave his 500 beehives behind when he fled Syria over fears for his safety as civil war descended under the hand of President Assad. Now, relocated in Huddersfield, Ryad has been able to gain a new lease of life with a beehive gifted to him and is now giving to refugees a token of hope by teaching them to have their own beehives, building the colonies of Britain’s black bees.
The Mail on Sunday reported that Jack Letts – a dual British and Canadian national – has had his UK citizenship revoked.