syrian revolution

After the rejection by the British Parliament of intervention against Assad, he has been given free rein to destroy Syria and its people, creating devastation, chaos and a power vacuum. Into that gap stepped Islamic State, Iran and the Shia militias which have committed brutal and widespread crimes of their own.
Not only is Jund's position indicative of its indignation towards SRF's questionable practices, but it's also a sign that US intervention is pushing other forces, whose goal was Assad, to take more hard line positions.
Most fighters here are Syrians, as well as some North Africans and a smattering of Westerners. As I walk in with the doctor I exchange a glance with a Western fighter who clearly wants to remain anonymous. "Pakistani?" I ask. His Syrian friend responds on his behalf with a knowing smile: "Homsi."
The Assad regime, with its allies, has managed to prevent any sort of solution to the crisis or protection of Syrian nationals. Assad has sent a very clear message to his people: either I rule Syria or I burn Syria, you choose.
Syrians didn't expect to be let down by the same humanity who didn't abandon their Tunisian, Egyptian and Libyan brothers. Dear so-called humanity, what makes Syrians unworthy of receiving your real support of our aspirations to live in freedom and dignity?
Dramatic new pictures have emerged of the moments after an oil line exploded in the embattled Syrian town of Homs. Activists
Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has issued a decree authorising the formation of new political parties according to state