syrian uprising

The world may be gripped by the horrors perpetrated by the Islamic State group, but a wider bloodbath provoked by Syria's
Mohammed struggles to hold back his tears. The 32-year old champion wrestler from Dera'a, southern Syria, is recalling the day he arrived in Jordan...
President Obama has announced he has decided to take military action against Syria, but that he is seeking congressional
UK military action in Syria is "off the agenda" after MPs reacted against David Cameron's "cavalier and reckless" leadership
UPDATE:David Cameron has ruled out British military intervention in Syria after losing an historic Commons vote. The Government
A majority of the British public would not support moves by the Government to arm Syrian rebels opposed to Bashar Assad's
War still rages in Syria - a fact that we are too quick to forget. The second birthday of the crisis has long passed and resolution doesn't appear to be on the horizon. When Syria-related news does reach our media outlets and Twitter feeds, it usually focuses on chemical weapons or possible intervention by the US. There is little talk of the abhorrent humanitarian crisis, which deteriorates daily.
Syria is the deadliest place for journalists, who are deliberately targeted by both the government and rebel groups, according
The United States said it was considering arming the Syrian rebels, as another massacre was reported. Defence Secretary Chuck
Britain has echoed the United States, saying there is "limited but persuasive" evidence that chemical weapons have been used