syrian violence

Those who say that Russia "is saving" Bashar al-Assad are wrong. I would like to reiterate that it is the Syrian people themselves who choose the political system and leadership of their country. We are not trying to whitewash the multiple mistakes and miscalculations made by Damascus, including the use of force against peaceful demonstrations at the beginning of the crisis.
The UN security council is holding an emergency meeting on Sunday evening to discuss the massacre in Houla, Syria according
Britain is to push for a "strong international response" to reports of a massacre of civilians by Syrian forces, Foreign
At least 92 civilians have been killed in Syria as violence returned to the restive country, the United Nations has confirmed
Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has visited the former rebel stronghold of Homs, the scene of fierce fighting with government
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was sent a cartoon of a camel dressed in bondage gear, reports on a cache of 3,000 leaked
CIA, Mossad and Blackwater agents are involved in military violence in the Homs district, an Arab news agency exclusively
The Syrian government has bombed bridges as they were being crossed by wounded refugees fleeing from Homs to Lebanon, activists
Billowing black smoke was seen pouring into the sky above the Syrian town of Homs on Wednesday after government forces reportedly
Activists in the beleaguered Syrian town of Homs have described "the sky raining shells" as attacks by government forces