Without a deal between Athens and Brussels and the IMF on economic reforms and repayments of loans within the next couple of months a Grexit or Graccident would be the most extreme outcome. We cannot rule out that the parties will fail to find a solution seeing as how the Greeks are dawdling and in the light of the harsh words uttered by, among others, Germany.
Greek women may well be asking themselves if they have any cause for celebration on the 8th March. Five years on from the country's debt crisis, International Women's Day 2015 finds women in Greece struggling with low pay, few choices and fear.
Very few voters are happy with George Osborne's austerity plans, a poll has found, with over a quarter wanting a slowdown
Prometheus, according to mythology, gave fire to humankind only to suffer in perpetuity. Today in Greece, the new Syriza government must confront the modern equivalent of this ancient dilemma: whether to burn fossil fuels to ignite financial recovery.
Politicians, trade union leaders and other activists were among hundreds who gathered in London today for a rally in support
If there's any one unifying message springing from Change:HOW? so far - from the Labour politicians, to the Greens and SNP, from Syriza to the Pirate Party, from the direct action activists occupying power stations to the man who organised pillow fights in Trafalgar Square, it's exercise your democratic right to have an opinion, to voice it, act on it and fight for it.
For the British, who are about to enter into their own version of a populist election on an anti-European thesis, there are lessons to learn from Greece... Watch how the British ties come off, and the gloves go on.
A seminal moment in Greece's long history had arrived, with hope replacing despair and optimism in place of the oppression that had reduced life for millions to a struggle for survival.
It is only "a matter of time" before Greece is forced out of the eurozone, ex-US central bank chief Alan Greenspan predicted
What we have is bland and complacent two-dimensional politics, where Tories and Labour vie for a mythical centre ground and target policies at handfuls of voters in marginal seats. A fairer system would genuinely shake this consensus and could help diminish the concept of the protest vote, sidelining those who play the system only to stoke fear, hatred and suspicion.