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Peers start parliamentary ping pong over moves to restore powers for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
He is currently ranked the world No.1 table tennis player and is the reigning Paralympic gold medallist.
Glendon Spence was a regular at the Marcus Lipton Youth Centre in Brixton, jurors heard.
The table tennis player is one of the stars of London 2012 and Rio 2016 games.
The game was an auction prize as part of a fundraiser for the failed Garden Bridge.
Science fiction is rapidly becoming science fact...
Jeremy Corbyn has been praised for his “authenticity”, after a touching moment with a young supporter was caught on film
'The Government cannot afford to allow an often marginalised part of society to be disadvantaged further.'
Brexit could force disabled table tennis players at the UK’s first Club of Sanctuary to pull out of “amazing” international
Japanese table tennis master Takkyuu Geinin has shared an incredible compilation of trick shot and joke videos involving
Now THIS is how you amuse yourself while waiting for a Tube train. Check out Thomas Ryan and his friend, who decided to fill
Lacking motivation on this Sunday afternoon? Then check out this guy. Egyptian, Ibrahim Hamato, hasn't let the fact he has
Rest easy humanity, the machines aren't taking over - yet. A highly anticipated match between top table tennis player, Timo
If he loses humanity is doomed... A German table tennis champion is to square up against an industrial production robot. Timo
And it's really very impressive indeed. We particularly like the moment he just goes nuts with the net... (Via Pleated Jeans
Let's get some things straight: Table tennis and ping pong are the same thing, except on specific occasions when they are not. The World Championship of Ping Pong is such an event. Whether that's a good thing depends on who you ask.
Apparently Holborn's legal eagles and presumably the people who work in that massive Sainsbury's head office, are mad crazy for table tennis as it was absolutely rammed on this particular Wednesday evening.