Rumours that Microsoft is to launch a tablet to compete with the iPad have sprung up online. According to The Wrap, primarily
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Many of us will be asking for that one, essential piece of tech to help us with our life at university, be it for class of just for fun. These are my three biggest contenders for Santa's money this Christmas.
Amazon is expected to launch its own smartphone after the success of its Kindle e-book reader, according to a report by brokerage
PC sales in the Western Europe have crashed, according to research by Gartner. The group’s findings show an 11.4% reduction
Amazon has announced that the cheapest ever Kindle will be coming to the UK for the not insignificant price of £89.
At the launch of Windows 8 Microsoft fired off dozens of announcements and showed off countless features of the new OS. Attendees
The good, the great and the greatly unnecessary are on show this week at IFA, the world's largest consumer electronics show
Apple bas been accused of a lot of things. Being too secretive. Pandering to an obsessive fan base. But until now it's never
The slim and saucy new HTC Titan and Radar Windows 7.5 phones launched tonight in London, in tandem with events across Europe