While the political focus on what helps disabled people has remained focused on money, in terms of welfare benefits, and social care, namely the provision of human support, the biggest thing I feel that enables and empowers disabled people is technology and especially inclusive technology.
Tesco's film rental service Blinkbox has just got a whole lot more functional thanks to a new update for Android and iOS
Whether you’re starting from scratch or brushing up on the skills you left behind at school, learning to draw (or draw better
Microsoft Office is now free… on the iPad. In a surprising announcement Microsoft said that it will let iPhone, iPad and
We're not sure why you'd pick the non-Touch ID model iPad Mini, if you have the choice. Sure it offers you the same specs
It's not as intrusive as Amazon's software and ultimately it doesn't feel like it gets in the way, Blinkbox offers a superb
If there's one thing the world needs, it's a way stare at our mobile phones more often. The solution? This weird-looking
The Apple iPad Air 2 is a real thing. It's not confirmed yet but we know it's a real thing because firstly it's Apple and
Windows 10 has been announced (though the release date is still TBB). But already lots of people are worried about the update
Apple will reportedly launch the next-generation of iPads later this month, unveiling the iPad Air 2 as well as a brand-new