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It is clear that Emily Brothers is not seeking to reap a dividend from her disclosure, by becoming a self-appointed spokesperson for the transgendered community; and, short of the entire trans community moving to Sutton and Cheam (and it is two places so we would fit comfortably) it is not likely to enhance her electoral chances. So, why do it?
Society as a whole doesn't benefit from the open invitation to every person who had a bad encounter with Savile to reveal all. In fact, society, the big communal space we all inhabit, looks set to be the biggest loser in all this.
Imagine if The Sun had printed an expose "Jimmy Savile is a Paedophile". Imagine it had taken the sworn word of several young women victims, gone against the legal advice (for it would have been No!) like the Daily Mail did over naming the Stephen Lawrence killers, and printed the sort of allegations that have been aired this week in the wake of ITV's brave documentary.
Over a decade after the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington - and seven years after the London bombings - questions about Islam, Muslims and their place in the wider Western world continue to foment strong debate.
Enough is enough! If I have to read about another bogus curves celebration (Q: Have you ever been invited to a party in honour of someone's arse? Thought not) I will punch my laptop, and that HURTS. I've begun a list of words and phrases which should be retired from celebrity coverage.
The mother of Hugh Grant's baby daughter, Tinglan Hong, has taken out an injunction against paparazzi who have been harassing
What could I have done to help Amy? The answer is nothing. The reality is I didn't know her.