tactical voting

The PM broke an election tradition by voting in Westminster, rather than in his Uxbridge and Ruislip South constituency.
Study based on YouGov MRP poll suggests just 21,215 voters can decide election if they vote tactically to deny the Tories in 30 seats they are currently expected to win.
Shadow chancellor signals tactical voting can help as he warns polling day is last chance to save the NHS and the planet.
Brexiteer and driving force behind welfare reform feeling pressure from Labour's Faiza Shaheen.
Anti-Brexit campaigners unveil fresh analysis of most crucial marginals where tactical voting matters most.
A swath of guides have been launched for the December 12 election as some voters plan to cast their ballot on Brexit.
Former Labour leader suggests government of national unity could run UK - without Corbyn as PM.
Voters in marginal seats will be targeted by pro-second referendum For our Future’s Sake (FFS) from Saturday.
Dominic Grieve says Brexit must be "defining issue" of snap December general election.
The danger Farage poses cannot be overemphasised – in the absence of any political alliance, remainers have no alternative but to vote strategically.