The tense stand off between the US and North Korea continues to escalate, after Donald Trump gave a dire warning to Kim Jong
This is written just in the wake of United's extremely satisfying smash-and-grab victory against Southampton. With all due respect, who knew a game against them, not even half-way through the season, could be that important, and pleasant to win?
The easy explanation of Manchester United's dramatic-fashioned equaliser against Chelsea on Sunday is to blame it on Ivanovic's dismissal. Despite the second booking obviously not was being irrelevant, José Mourinho didn't help himself through applying a zonal marking approach on set pieces.
There's a risk associated with playing a certain style of football or with only certain players, and it is one which West Ham fans must note. It would take several transfer windows, not one, to transform West Ham... West Ham can't afford the drama of the drop or to risk restarting their current project under new management.
Stifled by Chelsea and decided by a slip, Liverpool's loss has left their title hopes in the balance. Goals in added time at the end of each half were enough to end Liverpool's 11 match winning run and prevent them from scoring for the first time since they lost to 2-0 to Arsenal in November.
How do the two greats compare statistics-wise? Despite United had to replace arguably the greatest manager in history of
Appoint a winger and/or a striker armed with quick feet in front of a passing surgeon outfit with the likes of Özil, and Stoke will struggle any day of the week. This is what Arsenal failed to do and exactly why they need pacy front men to unlock defences like Stoke's.
For every young boy or girl interested in the beautiful game, their family is key to their footballing education. Your team, your favourite players, and plethora of other footballing opinions, all are influenced by the viewpoints of you respected elders.